email security


Email filtering and Archiving for your Hosted Exchange account.

Designed exclusively for your Hosted Exchange mailboxes.

With our Email Security you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll never lose any essential email traffic. Our also provides an Anti Spam and Anti Virus service, which blocks over 99% of all Spam. Spam brella will help you understand the volume of spam that your existing anti-spam solution is failing to detect and provide you with valuable information to help build the business case for moving to our service.

Increased protection

Our Email Security adds an increased layer of protection against spam and virus threats, ensuring that over 99% of spam is identified and removed before it reaches your Hosted Exchange mailbox.

Not only this but any spam is quarantined for 14 days, meaning that you can inspect and resend any messages that you wish to receive.

Email security describes various techniques for keeping sensitive information in email communication and accounts secure against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. 

With our Email Security you can look forward to:

Anti-Spam security

Anti-spam technology goes deep... 90 layers deep, in fact. Using sophisticated investigation techniques including both content and reputation-based scanning you get outstanding results.

Secure archiving

The Secure archiving service ensures secure long-term storage of your business emails in geographically diverse datacentres. Efficient self-search-and-recover capabilities means quick access to any emails required.Secure archiving

Processed in the cloud

Processed in the cloud is secure email management that works in the cloud - email threats are removed at the Internet-level, away from your network. Maximum security, minimum investment of resources. It's how smart businesses manage email.

All this and much more...

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